The last known specimens of the Andor flower, the flower with the tastiest nectar in the world, are preserved at the Mount Dared fortified military base, guarded by advanced weaponry. As a bee, you cannot stand for this injustice, and so you decide to reclaim your rightful nectar once and for all...

Beeline is an action-packed game where you play as a missile-dodging, laser-evading, upgradeable bumbly bee.

Head over to the upgrades menu to pick out upgrades to optimize your playstyle and gain an unfair advantage.

Upgrades consist of both passive and active abilities. Active abilities can be activated with either the left mouse button (or Q) or the right mouse button (or E), depending on which upgrade slot it is in.

Made with Bevy Engine.



Download 8 MB
Download 5 MB
beeline-macos-v0.0.5.dmg 8 MB


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great game. Teleport seems a bit broken, and It was fun playing through every level with no upgrades (even down the road)


The game is fun! The respawn time is a bit high for a rage game, though.

Haha double speed can be deadly. Very powerful

in some situations though.